Member Sign In Application

Project Brief

Arch Street Center is a non-profit who helps support the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness.

A large portion of Arch Street's funding comes from the State of Pennsylvania through Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (BH/DS). In order to receive this funding Arch Street is required to track the use of their services by logging the number of visits and amount of time they are used by members. Previously this was a process which started with a pen and paper sign-in sheet and ended with one person reading off names and hours while another typed them into a spreadsheet. This process was very time intensive, prone to errors and most importantly took staff away from providing services to members.


We worked with Arch Street Center to gather requirements and build a low code application on the SalesForce platform which allowed them to enter member information and track when they arrived at and left the center. At the end of each month a report is run and emailed to BH/DS. Because the system is digital there are many fewer errors which can be quickly reviewed and fixed and it only takes one staff member a few minutes to create a send the report at the end of each month. It has cut staff time spent reporting service usage by at least 90% and allowed them to focus more on their mission instead of paperwork. Some of the services we provided to complete this project were:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Database Design
  • Low-code application development & testing
  • Report configuration

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