What we do

Helping you understand and unravel the complexity of delivering Digital projects.

The Digital world continues to evolve at a very rapid pace. It is important for you to have someone you can trust to translate this complexity into terms you can relate to and help you harness that technology to improve your business while still maintaining a realistic view of your time, budget and resources.

Our focus is on the Digital projects but we also have a broad array of experience with technologies that feed into and out of these types of applications such as CRM, data, email, analytics, security, video and document management.

Who we work with

  • Digital Agencies

    We look to work with Digital Agencies who have a strong focus on creativity and design. Our experience with Digital Research & Strategy, E-commerce, web hosting, Reporting, Agile Project Management and Low Code application development can be a great addition to the services you offer while allowing you to focus on your creative strengths.

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  • Large Companies in Non-IT Industries

    Your company probably has an experienced Information Technology team but you need them focused on delivering support for your 'core capabilities'. We can become a valuable partner that will work within your IT team's guidelines, get your Digital project completed and allow them to focus on running the business.

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  • Mid-size Companies

    We also commonly work with mid-size businesses whose technical team tends to focus on desktop and network support. Maybe you are looking for a partner who can define best practices, provide guidance, and build a business process that will enable you to leverage Digital technology to grow quickly and cost effectively. We can help with that!

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Looking for help? Here's what we can do for you.

Digital Research & Strategy

On average, Digital Agencies bill $143 per hour for Digital Research and Strategy while reporting margins around 87% for that work. You shouldn't pass up being a good partner to your client just because they are asking you for strategy outside of your core skill set.

We can provide any combination of research, writing, strategy and presentation depending on what you are comfortable with. Do you just need someone to do the research, while you write up the findings create the strategy and presentation, we can do that! Want us to do more? Of course we can.

  • Technology Research
  • Software Evaluations & Recommendations
  • Web Services Integration Feasability
  • Cost vs Benefit Analysis
  • RFP Creation
  • Project Cost & Time Estimation
Website Management

Need someone to help you with website hosting and management? Agencies report billing $141 per hour for website management services & experience margins of 72%. Don't be one of the 32% of Agencies who don't offer website management just because you don't have the skills in-house, we can help you!

We can work with your existing hosting provider, recommend one for you or your client or even provide hosting ourselves. We also provide management for many of the other services that go along with a website.

  • WordPress, Magento, AWS, Azure Hosting
  • CMS & Shopping Cart Installation
  • Domain Name Registration & DNS
  • SSL Certificates
  • Security & Single Sign-On
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Troubleshooting & Support
  • Performance Testing & Tuning
Project Management

Having a Project Manager who understands the technical details of a Digital project will help you better understand risks to your plan, whether they are to budget, timing or requirements.

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Agile Project Planning
  • Task & Time Tracking
  • Status & Reporting
  • Communication & Documentation
Application Development & Integration

There are times you need a custom application, but many times what you need is a 'customized' application. We use Zoho Creator, a low code application development platform, to customize applications for you. This allows us to build customized applications much faster and more cost effectively than hiring a custom application development team.

It's rare that you get to start with a blank technology platform. You probably already have a stack of tools you use and like or are required to use by your client. Connecting those applications lets you leverage the best of what you already have rather than rebuilding or buying something new.

  • Customized CRM's & Inventory Management Systems
  • Web & Mobile Business Applications
  • Data Migration
  • Database Design
  • REST Web Services Integration

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