ERP & WMS Project

  • Client: RM Heagy Foods
  • Discipline: Strategy, Project Management

RM Heagy Foods distributes cheese, deli meats, and frozen foods to many independent grocery stores, corporate chains, and numerous other retailers and wholesalers.

As part of growing their operation, Heagy Foods was looking to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). They recognized that their expertise was in their business, not in managing an IT project.


Node9 provided independent project management and planning services for the project. We acted as a liason between their 3rd party IT vendor and the software company that provided the ERP & WMS systems. We used our experience in projects like this to outline risks, document solutions, create and manage a project plan.

  • Technology Research
  • Cost vs Benefit Analysis
  • Project Cost & Time Estimation
  • Project Management

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