Managed IT Services Project

  • Client: Stoner Bunting
  • Discipline: Strategy, Project Management

Stoner Bunting Advertising provides B2B channel marketing, specifier engagement, dealer support and PR in the home and building products industry as well as Gift Card management services for brands. The combined companies live under one roof but have very different needs when it comes to Information Technology support.

Management at Stoner Bunting saw an opportunity to review how they provided Information Technology support when one of the team members notified them he would be retiring and the other was looking to focus on facilities management.


We worked with both teams to understand their IT needs and identified three possible vendors who offered ‘managed support’ as an alternative to hiring and training a new internal resource. Each of the three vendors were put through a multi-stage vetting process which took into account how they proposed to deliver IT Services as well as multiple cost factors. We provided research, cost analysis and IT Strategy which helped them pick a vendor who was able to deliver similar service levels at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Technology Research
  • Cost vs Benefit Analysis
  • Project Cost & Time Estimation

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